The Hammam is a serene sitting of Middle Eastern civilization that brings synchronization and harmony to the inner self. The Hammam is a tradition and custom that dates back centuries in the Moroccan Culture and is the most native form of cleansing and purges impurities. This tradition has multiple benefits which greatly includes reduced tension of muscles, improved sleep, and nourished skin. Relaxation is recommended after the Hammam treatment.

Traditional Arabian Hammam

The Hammam treatment starts in the steam room where your skin is allowed time to open its pores. Steam always gives a refreshing look to the skin. Purus Black olive soap infused in Argan Oil is then applied to the body enabling your skin to exfoliate. The next stride for this treatment is when your therapist will commence with the Organic body scrub with the Kessa glove to rejuvenate the dead skin from the body. The treatment ends with a shower and further given time for fresh fruits, Moroccan tea and relaxation. The difference can be felt and seen because this treatment makes the skin refreshed,revived eventually restoring its natural glow and brightness.  Add-on:  Blow-Dry (short hair) – £15

1 hour 10 minutes
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Authentic Moroccan Hammam

This treatment is a perfect add-on to the Traditional Arabian Hammam.  The Full Body Chocolate Mask is massaged into the body after the Hammam treatment. This treatment is rich in minerals which with its specific formulation conditions the skin tremendously and enormously. A Face Mask with green Argyle, infused with Honey & Rose Water is then applied.  This treatment enhances the traditional Hammam treatment to provide cosmic nourishment and sustenance to the skin leaving it looking energised, clear and sparkling.  Followed by a shower, relaxations, fresh fruits & Moroccan tea.  Add-on:  Blow-Dry (short hair) – £15

1 hour 30 minutes
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Arabian Hammam Experience

This is an experience which is a hybrid of the Authentic and Traditional Hammam. This treatment includes Hammam Steam, Purus Black soap and the Rhassoul Clay Mud Musk Treatments, followed by shower, fresh fruits and Moroccan tea which complement the whole treatment experience making you feeling relaxed.

1 hour 10 minutes
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Infrared Sauna Treatment

Infrared therapy with colour and aroma can bring tremendous benefits to one’s health and wellbeing. This infrared therapy treatment encourages weight loss, deep muscle relaxation, anti cellulite and the relief of back pain. An ideal treatment for a physically active person.

35 minutes
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Hammam Steam

This treatment comes up to provide you with optimum calm environment making you feel relaxed and peaceful. This treatment allows the body to fully relax in the LED light steam therapy encouraging a great feeling tranquillity.

35 minutes
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Steam Rassul & Mud Wrap

A Morrocan Hammam Steam Suana Treatment then followed with the Rassul Full Body Mud Mask followed by Fresh Fruit & Moroccan Tea. Recommended if needing a quick refresh and revival of the skin.

50 minutes
£45 Book Now